Evening glow


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This #365photo is a slightly enhanced view from Hyde Lake tonight at Shelby Farms.

Evening glow


The photobomber


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It was the most gorgeous evening.  I went out on the patio with my glass of wine and started looking at my herbs, trying to decide what would be the photo subject of today’s #365photo.  I snapped herbs from different angles, flowers, and bugs.  While texting with my sister, I snapped a quick shot.  I realized there was a common theme in all my photos.

Mama’s little helper.  Can you find the spider that was the actual subject of one of these?

Mushroom Monsters


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I was wandering the yard around this morning & found myself in a corner I don’t normally go to. There were quite a few of these fungi in various sizes and arrangements. Mother Nature amazes once again.

I can appreciate the beauty of mushrooms, I just wished they didn’t taste so terrible, not that this one is edible. That’s a general statement about mushrooms… blech

Life on the lawn


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Having just returned from a weeklong trip touring some of our country’s greatest sights, I am still sorting through the almost 1500 photos I took. I posted daily highlights on facebook, but will post more and some of the daily stories here.

Today’s #365photo is a pretty holey leaf on the lawn when I took Coe out this evening.

holey leaf

Life in the ‘burbs: a story in photos


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After yesterday’s post about how I am so uninspired for my in my new surroundings, @karikennedy gave me the idea of taking on the mundane. The timing of her text this morning couldn’t be perfect since I was eating my Sunday avocado toast. By happenstance I had grabbed a pretty green plate.

So here for awhile, you’ll be enjoying my daily life. Well, that is after a weeklong photo journal of life of the road driving Mrs Daisy.

Sunday morning avocado toast

Changes… they keep coming

I am generally pretty flexible when it comes to what life offers me… or so I thought.  I’m finding, more and more, that changes throw my creative self out of balance.  I moved at the beginning of April and my photo-a-day project went by the wayside.  I’ve tried to pick it back up, but my new surroundings offer little inspiration.

What I do love about my new place is the space and the kitchen.  I have room to spread out and make a mess creating something.  I have room to entertain.  If I had to chose one room in which to live in a house, it would the kitchen.

For the Fourth of July, I barbecued with friends and hung out at the pool.  I whipped up an Asian-ish slaw that contained no diary or mayo so it would be a little more tolerant to sitting out for awhile.  It was even better the next day.

Just like my slaw, it’s all gets better with time.

I guess you’ll do…


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Ginger Kitty was a street walker for the first year and a half of her life. I found her by accident in the window of a pet food store on view for adoption. I was halfheartedly looking for a cat to adopt, but didn’t even see her in their window when I wandered into the store. I’m a sucker for an orange tabby.

She was thin and shy. Very wary and not at all affectionate, but there was something about her that struck me.

This was a few years ago now. She’s still wary and not terribly affectionate, and many days I’m not entirely positive she likes me. But she’s a funny kitty.

She was such an incredible sport about the move across the country. Really, until we broke down, she was pretty happy. After that, she started expressing dissatisfaction, but was amazingly tolerant of the whole process.


Moves within moves and different situations have really tested her. Each making her appreciate the life I offer her more and more. When I travel she is downright affectionate upon my return. Just one more reason to travel.

When life throws us a curve ball, she manages to let me know that she more than tolerates me.  When I’ve been sick, she has curled up with me for hours, when normally she sleeps in another room.  As we are boxing and moving, we are all a more than a little stressed out.  Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I went and found her in another room, carried her back to bed with me, and let the purr-box help me relax.  The amazing thing is she stayed with me, most times this will last about a 2-4 minutes.  This night, she settled in on my chest, and stayed with me for 2 hours, until Coe made us go out.

As I sit an write, she is curled up with me again.  She know when her mama needs a little extra love.