I guess you’ll do…


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Ginger Kitty was a street walker for the first year and a half of her life. I found her by accident in the window of a pet food store on view for adoption. I was halfheartedly looking for a cat to adopt, but didn’t even see her in their window when I wandered into the store. I’m a sucker for an orange tabby.

She was thin and shy. Very wary and not at all affectionate, but there was something about her that struck me.

This was a few years ago now. She’s still wary and not terribly affectionate, and many days I’m not entirely positive she likes me. But she’s a funny kitty.

She was such an incredible sport about the move across the country. Really, until we broke down, she was pretty happy. After that, she started expressing dissatisfaction, but was amazingly tolerant of the whole process.


Moves within moves and different situations have really tested her. Each making her appreciate the life I offer her more and more. When I travel she is downright affectionate upon my return. Just one more reason to travel.

When life throws us a curve ball, she manages to let me know that she more than tolerates me.  When I’ve been sick, she has curled up with me for hours, when normally she sleeps in another room.  As we are boxing and moving, we are all a more than a little stressed out.  Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I went and found her in another room, carried her back to bed with me, and let the purr-box help me relax.  The amazing thing is she stayed with me, most times this will last about a 2-4 minutes.  This night, she settled in on my chest, and stayed with me for 2 hours, until Coe made us go out.

As I sit an write, she is curled up with me again.  She know when her mama needs a little extra love.



Gray or Grey- Crayon day #7


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Even being the word nerd I am, I never really bothered to figure out gray versus grey.  When I write grey feels more natural to me; no idea why.  Tonight I finally googled it and found, they really are interchangeable.  Gray is more common in the United States, where grey is more common in the rest of the English speaking world.

Today was another one of those days where I had a plan for my #365project #photoaday and Mother Nature had other ideas.  When I got home after a few unsatisfactory photo stops, I took Coe for a walk.  It was on our evening stroll in the park where I finally found today’s color grey.

A few of the other photographers I follow make a plan and layout their 365 by month and year.  I am feeling a little stifled by this self-imposed 24 pack of crayons, but I am also forcing myself to look for, and at, things I normally wouldn’t.  It’s all about growth and creativity- whatever gets me there, right?!

It’s been quite some time since I have done my So Lonely series and had been thinking of revisiting it.  I guess the Universe agreed.

Crayon days #6 Bluetiful


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Crayola’s new color that bumped Dandelion out of the 24 box, is a dark blue quite similar to these flowers. I think as much of the new name of this shade of blue, as I do this lovely arrangement.

Another hideous, loud display drew me into the store, but when I saw this blue beauty, I couldn’t resist.  I spent a few minutes wandering around thinking this really is the ugliest store I have ever been in.  Can you picture this in your home?

You’d better not answer that, it might make me think less of you 😉

Crayon Days


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The thing about social media is finding ways for all your different mediums to talk to one another.  I’m not always very good at that.  I have been doing my #365project #photoaday, but what I haven’t done is taken is taken the time to post it over here.

Here’s my recap of the last few days… and since I know fb won’t bring all my pics over here, please click the link to see what I’ve been up to.

Friday was the dandelion. Since dandelion was the most recent Crayola crayon to retire, I decided to start there. I snapped this mid-morning with my iphone, and when I went back with my camera, it had closed up for the day. If you click to view it larger, you can see these neat little curly petals.

Friday was the white, blanco, blanc crayon, like the spring blossoms on the dogwoods. The trees are blooming right now and we enjoyed a beautiful spring day. The roller coaster weather continues though and we are going to have a few upcoming evenings dropping below freezing.

A box of 24 crayons has a seemingly disproportionate number of blue, especially with them just adding a new blue. Upon first glance I have 4 identical blue crayons; but as soon as you color with them you see the difference is pretty vast.

Four seemingly identical blue crayons, but oh so different…

Blue of a feather… oh wait, wrong saying…

We had another beautiful spring day on Sunday. Everyone was wearing shorts and out in the park. The sky was a gorgeous blue dotted with perfect white clouds. I love the contrast to the dark trees.

Today is brown.  I started the day off with what I thought was going to be today’s color. Box in hand, I drove to and from work, eyes open for something interesting. The color I planned was tossed out the window when I spied something I hadn’t considered.

Germantown, Tennessee is all about their horses. There are horse sculptures all over town, painted an array of colors. I wasn’t expecting to find one that was a nice normal brown.

I warmed up the photo using snapseed. Don’t ask me my settings bc, honestly I have no clue. Filters are not my strength. I just play with them until I get an image and coloring I like.

I liked getting the sky to glow behind him. I also like how the lights from the shop direct your eyes to him.

Here’s to hoping you have a colorful week!

A box of color


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The month of March is all about green, so for #365project I am going to focus on all the colors.

I got a box of 24 Crayola with the “New Bluetiful.”  When I compared the previous box of 24 to the new box, it appears a shade of yellow got bumped.

Since March clearly has more than 24 days I’m going to do a little research to find out what other colors have gotten the heave-ho and use that to fill the rest of the month. That, or just post whatever fabulous color catches my eye.

another sunset, another change


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Where I currently live, and will for another 5 weeks, backs up to a gorgeous nature conservancy. I have my own private light show each evening. None are ever the same and each one is magnificent. While I will miss my nightly sighting of another glorious sunset, our new house will bring another peace.

We moved into our current place so Coe and I could go for long daily walks in the park. Slowly, our walks have gotten shorter and she doesn’t enjoy the park the way she used to. In our new place, she won’t have to deal with stairs and she’ll have a doggy door to a fenced back yard. The times they are a changing and we are changing with them.

What a weekend


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This is my #365project summary and weekend wrap-up.  Coe finally let me get some sleep so I used my energy to sort and pack before I move into a house at the end of March.  While sorting I came across high school memories.  Some photos are better left in the 80’s!  I took some special pleasure in teasing Ginger Kitty, and I found a swirly heart in a tree.

Sleepy sunrise


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Happy Friday!  This is one of those weeks that felt like it would never end.   I had just pulled on my pajama pants this evening and had a moment of near panic that I didn’t take a picture today.  I quickly remembered this morning’s gorgeous sunrise and the few pictures I snapped in my sleep deprived daze. #365project #photoaday Cheers to no alarm clock on Saturday!