My Happiness Campaign


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My office is the most dismal, dreadful cube farm of depression and disinterest. Some days it’s down right difficult to make myself walk through the doors. Not too long ago, I took it upon myself to put up positive quotes on wipe boards around the office.

Something struck me today, and I’ve decided I’m going to covertly decorate the hall that leads into our department. I have a willing accomplice. At this point our thought is something akin to the yellow brick road with positive, non-denominational quotes throughout.

I’m putting the call out to writers, reader, friends, and happy folks to send me your favorite positive and uplifting quotes. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, or twatnot, so please spread the word far and wide, for anyone to leave a happy comment here.

I’m going to leave you with my most recent merry message to the masses…

“A great attitude becomes a great mood. A great mood becomes a great day. A great day becomes a great year. A great year becomes a great life.”

— Unknown Author



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I am not a poet. Words just come to me occasionally and if I don’t put them down on paper they swirl in my head incessantly. So that’s what I’m doing today. 


Cricket chirps fill the air
Turtle noses vanish and reappear

Humidity so thick you can cut
Happy dogs enjoy the muck

Fall feels far away
Savoring a summer’s lazy day

WPC: Today was a Good Day


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I’ve had such a good week and Saturday was the cherry on top.  Normally I wake up and take coffee on the patio leaving the phone behind for an hour or so until I think of something I need to google.  But this particular morning something made me grab it before I grabbed the coffee.

At 7:13 a.m. I found a the perfectly simple message Breakfast?  Quickly followed with Sorry, probably too early.  Since I had just rolled out of bed, literally, I informed my friend if she didn’t mind me unshowered, I could be there in no time.  No problem was the response.

Face wash, teeth, eyes, yoga pants and trainers… out I went.  Breakfast of two turned into three.  Sharing, comparing, lamenting, and laughing.  A lovely time.

We then went to find some far off antique store filled with amazing treasures.  I scored with a red Swingline stapler and a cookbook from 1908.  Having recently had a sour cream cookie made by the Amish of Southern Illinois, finding that recipe was on my list.  I opened a random church cookbook from the 1940’s to a page with such a recipe!  This will be on the to-do list ASAP!

As we were pondering lunch, I quickly said turn here and she did as instructed.  We scored again and a small restaurant that always has a line, magically had none.  We got our lunch and a table.  We were not disappointed.

Home for a nap then out late for a show to see Kingfish.  This 16 year old kid was amazing.  Think Jimi Hendrix meets BB King.  Quite impressive.  The only drawback to the show were the drunk college kids.  That’s another post in itself… as she shakes her head.




In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”



WPC: Creepy


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I have a horrible habit of waking up at 2am. Some days I can roll over and go back to sleep. Other days there’s some lightening bolt of an idea. That was this morning.  I’ve had these pictures in my phone and knew which ones I’d post when I saw the weekly photo challenge prompt in my reader. But since I’ve been mulling over the post I wanted to do, two other photo opportunities have presented themselves to me.

As a kid, I went to Henry S Jacobs camp for many summers. Maybe my first or second year, we were having a campfire sing along and they started singing a song about dead puppies. I hated this song, started crying, and made them stop. I find some humor in this now, all this time later. Now, what I really find funny is Loudon Wainwright III‘s Dead Sunk in the Middle of the Road.

My sister-in-law, also referred to here as Mrs Normal, is the Normal family mix-master. She makes the best mix tapes (now cd’s, but that just doesn’t have the same ring). It was on one of this masterpieces that I found Dead Skunk and I don’t feel so guilty about the puppies.

So, this one goes out to Mrs Normal and Loudon Wainwright III.  I give you my creepy entry for this week’s photo challenge.


Toe tappin’ tattoo


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I love tattoos. I wish I had more… Sorta

I have one and it is the world tiniest tattoo. Most people think it’s a smudge and I was able to keep it hidden from my mother for a while under a round circle Band-Aid.

I got it in college from a guy named Buzzard. For years I’ve known what my next one would be, but my aversion to pain has kept me from doing it. Now I absolutely know what my next two will be, but I told my mother I would wait till she was dead before I get another one. That could be another 20 years. What was I thinking?!  After all I’ve dealt with in the last year with my shoulder, my pain tolerance has changed.

Jewish law states that if you are tattooed you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery. They’ve loosened this a bit after the Holocaust with survivors tattooed with their numbers.  But in the last 20 or so years tattoos have become an expression of our individuality, our faith and our personal billboard for beliefs. There was a great article in Reform Judaism magazine about two years ago. My mother’s favorite rabbi was one of the feature stories. While he is her favorite, it did not change her mind on the matter.

This past weekend, was the First Annual International Rockabilly Music Festival here in Memphis. I went not only to hear great music, especially Hillbilly Casino, but to meet some cute tattooed fella. I’ll tell you, I think there’s nothing sexier than a guy who looks like a boring banker on the outside, and under his Oxford, is a tattooed rockabilly. While the turnout for this event was just short of abysmal, the music was great. Fellas were in short supply, but I had fun with my friends. Best of all, Hillbilly Casino was worth hanging out in the sun for.


What do you think my mother would say if I brought this cutie home? I’d be delighted,  but his wife probably has other ideas 😄

One of these days, I’ll find my own tattooed fella.  Until then, I just keep an eye out, an ear open and enjoy the show.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

girls just wanna have FUN


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I’m so honored… You like me.  You really like me.

I’m having so much fun since I’ve gotten off my duff and gotten back to the blog.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been meeting the loveliest and funniest folks.

One of which is @whereshappy.  She, like me, is a forty-something, messy-haired girl that thinks we have something to say that people want to hear (or read).  She makes me laugh!

Well, the dear nominated me for her very own award!  and I could be more delighted.

just for fun


I have to nominate someone else and answer some silly questions…

To steal some from her list (and bastardize a few)

  1.  What book title would describe your life?  Fool on the Hill, by Matt Ruff (and the only book I have ever reread)

2.  Do you still sleep with a teddy bear?  Not since I lost my favorite koala on a trip visiting colleges my senior year of high school.  He was just irreplaceable and it still breaks my heart.  I only hope he ended up with some sweet kid.

3.  If you are reading a book and it is really terrible do you continue reading to the end, hoping that it gets better, or do you dump it right then and there? Confession time, and I hope you won’t think less of me, but no.  I was reading some horrible book and just torturing myself to wade through it.  A friend told me I could stop reading.  What?! It had never occurred to me before that.  Now, if it is a struggle, it’s gone!

4.  What was your favorite musical group in Junior High?  easy one- The Police

5.  What was the first food you learned to cook?  This may surprise some of you (HA!) mac and cheese.  good ole blue box


and as a special bonus for @whereshappy (which I really think should be a requirement of accepting the award)…

19959585973_767709f70f_zShe’s a little more Dr Seuss and I’m a little more Yosemite Sam.


I’m tagging along the side of the road, if she’s up for a challenge.

Here’s how it goes…

  1. Make up some silly and fun questions.
  2. Invite any one you want to participate, but really think of those people that you find have a great sense of humor and are willing to just play along for a few minutes.
  3. Please link back to this page if you participate so that I can try to see who is giving this a go and to see how far it reaches.  I have no problem with this being re-blogged, if that’s how you would like to share.
  4. This is just for fun and is just a way to get people to know each other better!  Seriously, that’s it.  Just have some fun with it, please!
  5. No is a perfectly acceptable answer for me and everyone else. If you think this award is dumb, then more power to you–I hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever floats your boat.

Our Community


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I know I’ve gone on long enough about how much I miss my community in Portland. Slowly but surely, I’m building a new community in Memphis.  Additionally, I’m building a community online.

I’ve written before about the community I’ve connected with on WordPress. As part of my rejuvenation of myself and my blog, I am actively connecting with other bloggers.

While I’ve been a little bit of a negative Nancy, more often than not (I think) I’m a sarcastic goofball and hope my writing and voice expresses that.

This week I have enjoyed finding and connecting with other writers whose tone and voice have a similar, slightly twisted bent, have a positive outlook on the world, take great pictures, or write about various goings-on.

While this is just a small sampling of the awesome and creative folks I’ve connected this week, I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Heres to another another beautiful day!

Word of the day, week, month…


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Confession time. I LOVED the Gilmore Girls. It was a fast, funny, smart tv show that focused on a woman my age struggling to get her footing in the world. Other than the fact I did not get knocked up in high school, I related to these characters on so many levels.

I remember the first time I heard the word ennui. Being a word nerd, I loved this new word. It sounded so intriguing and mysterious. Now, I’ve had ennui for about a year and a half now and I’m ready to be over it.

What is this, you ask…
Merriam Webster defines ennui as: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom

the kind of ennui that comes from having too much time on one’s hands and too little will to find something productive to do.

Synonyms: blahs or doldrums

I remember my mother saying something about the doldrums when I was a kid, but who knew what that really meant. Now I know. A supreme feeling of disinterest and dissatisfaction.

Since I broke my shoulder last April, I’ve been cranky, unsociable, and intolerant. Who am I kidding?! I’ve been a colossal bitch! Last month I had surgery on my shoulder and was off work for two weeks. Upon my return, I found I had even less tolerance for my coworkers than usual. The sound of their cell phones constantly dinging grated on my nerves. Their inane chatter about fried chicken, diets, and couponing nearly drove me to hurt someone. So for the last month, I’ve plugged in my headphones and blocked out as much of my surroundings as I could.

I took a long weekend for myself and other than the barest of commitments, I had four days of ME TIME. It was glorious and I found entering the building on Tuesday morning not so annoying.

My header says, this space is for cooking, crafting, AND self discovery. Well, I am dragging myself out of this ennui and I find writing a good outlet. I feel better when I get the clutter out of my head and on paper (or iPhone as the case may be). It is so incredibly difficult to admit the unhappiness I have felt. When we open up and share (as I’ve admitted I’m not good at), we find we aren’t as alone as we feel in those times.

I mentioned the other day, I’m finding inspiration in my daily walks, taking in the beauty that is all around me, and slowly getting back to finding the humor in the absurd life that surrounds us.

A couple of sidebars: I’ve added a few extra links, in case you’ve missed my earlier rants and musings.

And I spent last night sleeping (not sleeping – writing this), in a thunderstorm, with no power, on the floor with my fraidy, flatulant dog. I clearly win best dog mom award

meet me for margaritas…


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In my move to a new city, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a calling card, or personal “business” card. But really, what’s the point of a card? Everyone has smart phones and giving out your pertinents has become quick… assuming you have an initial conversation.

While I’ve been trying to decide about whether or not to make a calling card, the next question is what to put on it. Since it’s a personal calling card and not related to business, what do I want to share? NPR has a series called Six Word Stories and so far my six word story only has four words. Eater. Drinker. Cooker. Crafter.

Though, since I’ve moved all done is the first two. Like my blog, I’ve sorta lost my voice and rhythm for the last two. I’m hoping that’s changing. I was recently motivated to make a fruity, frozen margarita. Something not normally in my repertoire, but when my cousin invited me for dinner, I offered that as my contribution in lieu of the frozen bucket of margarita she normally serves. I’m fairly certain she did NOT add tequila last time!!



I have a patio full of herbs and wanted to incorporate some into my margaritas. I made three variations, and after an hour of blending and sampling, I had pineapple basil, pineapple mango mint, and pineapple mango (no herbs for cousin). I froze them in 8 ounce mason jars; the perfect single serving. I’m delighted to say, she was quite tickled with the results and asked for the recipe. Since I didn’t measure and she doesn’t make anything from scratch, I didn’t feel to bad admitting I had no recipe to share.




While my six word story is ever evolving and I still haven’t decided what to do about a calling card, I have been inspired to make more cocktails with herbs. Friends are coming over this weekend for Thai basil cucumber martinis!



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